Windows for embedded devopment

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Has anyone successfully used Windows in parallels as embedded development solution.

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. Yes with Some Efforts

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  4. Given up after trying hard

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  1. Sanjay1

    Sanjay1 Bit Poster

    1> Mac book pro 2018. I7 16 GB ram
    2> VM win10 (not activated) installed in external Static Hd. 2 core 4 gb ram
    3> Installed Arduino, Atmel studio to name a few.
    4> All software work fine.
    5> When I plugin USB programer or Usb to Arduino cable -
    a. I am presented with choice - Mac or Guest. - We select guest.
    b. Parallel task bar shows USB to Serial Connected.
    c. Device does not work.
    d. Windows device manager says driver missing.
    6> In bootcamp all these devices (with software installed) are plug & play.
    7> Why these devices are not working in parallels ?
    8> Note: Windows in not activated yet. - could this be any reason.

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