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Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by BadosoftD, Jul 28, 2017.

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    I´m new to Paralles & MAC and I do have prolly some very dumb beginner question. As my company does not have MAC´s I cannot try it myself so I´m asking if some1 could give me a hand or at least provide answers! We are thinking on maybe developing MAC versions of our software products in future but until then, I would need to know if it is usable via Parallels?

    1. Is it possible to play games designed for Windows like MMO´s or single player games via Parallels on MAC?
    2. Is it possible to run our Windows Software "Latency Optimizer" on Parallels? (If some could install it on Parallels, try it and provide answers that would be great! download here)
    3. Do the provided features work as supposed?
    4. Now probably the dumbest question: If the Windows OS got optimized via Latency Optimizer does this affect the performance of the MAC?

    I´m honestly sorry for my prolly dumb questions and I would really appreciate help or answers!

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