Windows guest Finder access lost without host reboot

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by sam452, Aug 15, 2022.

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    For years I've successfully used to access the Windows 10 guest from the Finder in OS X Big Sur on Intel. Over the past few months in Parallels 17 I would lose this access intermittently and the Finder displays a generic file icon instead of the C: drive contents. Often times the entire machine had to be rebooted when the reboot of the Windows Guest failed to resolve the issue. Because this was intermittent, I could not find a pattern.
    Unfortunately I upgraded to Parallels 18 and only on first boot will the Finder access be granted. When I go to work on other things the Finder shows the generic icon rendering Finder access useless. Now under Parallels 18, the behavior is constant and unacceptable that I have to reboot the host machine to get one-time access to the Windows file structure.
    How do I get this behavior back?

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