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Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by dw32, Aug 14, 2007.

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    With Parallels Desktop build 4560 I'm having Dock trouble that I never had previously: I just can't get a windows app to appear in the OS X dock. The Help says:

    Starting Favorite Windows Applications from Mac OS X
    Start any of your favorite Windows applications in the virtual machine. When the application is started, its icon appears in the Dock.

    This just doesn't happen. I've checked the Shared Appls options in the Editor, and they're OK. But no matter what I do, any running windows appl does NOT appear in the OS X dock.

    This is so frustrating, 'cos I did have my truly fav appl there, but I dragged it out in order to put a changed one there. Can you say what's wrong please?
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    Update: I didn't mention that I had found something recent on a support web-page, which said to goto Tools in the win tray and Exit it. I can't now find this support thing, but anyway it didn't work - Tools wasn't in the tray. But it was in MSconfig/Startup, so I removed it there and restarted. However it was till no good.

    What did work was: win Start, Control panel, Add/Remove Programs, remove Parallels Tools, then shutdown/power off.
    Then in the Parallels menubar I chose Actions, Install Parallels Tools.

    That fixed it, but the odd thing is that Actions still shows Install Parallels Tools as an option. Oh well, it's working!

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