Windows key has a delay inside Virtual Machine

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by Contradel, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. Contradel


    After I upgraded Parallels from 7 to 8, I noticed there's a delay between pressing the cmd⌘ key and the Windows 7 Start menu pops up. Inside Native Boot Camp (which Parallels is using) the pressing of cmd instantly opens up the start menu, and I seem to remember the same thing happened in Parallels 7.

    Is this some new behavior?
  2. rotopenguin


    Not that I used 7 for more than a week before upgrading, but how could it have ever worked differently? If you are using the setting to map the major Mac shortcuts like Cmd-x,c,v to work inside Windows, then those wouldn't work if the Start menu were in the way before you hit a letter key. Turning that feature off should leave you with clean key actions, plugging in another USB keyboard and dedicating that to the VM would definitely work correctly. I haven't been bothered much by the Start key, but have experienced similar quirks with Shift & Ctrl in games.

    (In mouse programming terms, the Single Click action has to leave stuff lined up for Double Clicking. If Double click were to open a file, and Single click were to delete it, then what are you even pointing at the second time your finger slams home against that mouse button?)
  3. BrienD


    I fixed it with Sharpkeys

    I noticed the same issue, and here's how I fixed it:

    download Sharpkeys 3.5, and reassign the key you want to a key that you don't use as much... if you reassign Windows to "Alt" it will respond just like you would expect it to in a native/bootcamp environment.

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