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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by IMNiles, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. IMNiles


    OK, I realize this is a bit of a corner case, but I know I'm not the only one here that's doing pocketPC development, so I'm going to try anyway.. Up until now I have had no networking difficulty with parallels mac (windows xp guest). It's pretty much just always worked the way I want it to. Typically I just run bridged to whatever my current connection is.

    Where things get weird is when I try to do networking with the microsoft device emulator (either the 1.0 preview, the 1.0 that shipped with Visual Studio 2005, or the 2.0 preview). If I turn on the emulated network hardware and bind it to the parallels network adapter, the pocketPC device does get an IP address from whatever DHCP server is "out there" serving them up (e.g. my home router, or whatever). I can ping from my guest (winXP) os to the PocketPC emulator. My host machine can ping the parallels guest, and vice versa. HOWEVER, the emulated PocketPC cannot see anything outside the 'world' of the guest OS. It cannot see to the internet, nor can it see any other machine on my local net, including the host machine. The only machine the emulated PocketPC can see is the Guest OS, and only the Guest OS can see the emulated PocketPC.

    On a "real" PC this does not happen. The emulator can see the outside world and my local network, and vice versa.

    Has anyone seen this, or can anyone suggest something to try? I tried configuring parallels with "host only" networking with similar results (in this case I would not expect to see the outside world, but I would expect the host OS to be able to see both the guest OS and the emulated pocketPC within the guest OS).
  2. syd


    I've encountered the same problem - is there anyone out there using the Windows Device Emulator and getting a network connection through Parallels and th Mac successfully?

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