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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by yusufosman, Jan 16, 2007.

  1. yusufosman



    I have Windows XP Home OEM installed as Bootcamp on my Macbook 2ghz Core2 2gb ram. The new parallels does work with bootcamp partitions but will it cause a problem with activation - i.e. will I have to reactivate - which I think is not allowed with OEM. I really like to use windows in bootcamp but it's very rare i want to use Windows only, and it would be great if i could use that partition.

    has anyone tried this with an OEM copy of windows xp? is there a way to reactivate by emailing microsoft?

    thanks, Yusuf
  2. simplicity


    I'm afraid the license for Windows XP Home Edition does not allow running in a virtual machine, so MS would not issue you a new key and you will probably need to reactivate.
  3. drval


    I know that many people dislike and/or are afraid of MS but I've never had any problems with them re: licensing. At times I've needed to actually talk to a representative but, when I've done that, I've always gotten the appropriate key to activate whatever software I needed.

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