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Discussion in 'Parallels Remote Application Server' started by MrDave79, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. MrDave79

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    Hi. New versions of 2x look fantastic in features and price. Considering moving. First, questions:

    (Hope these haven't been answered already... I searched... I feel like I've missed a FAQ doc somewhere... or maybe my question is more absurd than I think... Appologies in advance ;-)

    I plan to have a 2k3 terminal server, and would like to publish Microsoft office and some other pretty basic apps.

    1) Am I correct to assume that each user connecting will require a TS CAL (license) ?!

    2) Once connected, how will publishing of MS Office work in respect to licensing. Will a user who runs a published instance of MS Word, require an MS Office license, how does this work?!

    Example. I have a lot of users who only run Excel. I am trying to find a way around the expensive cost of MS Office when a user only wants a single app.

    3) Is it easy to integrate with AD (yes, I'm a newbie). I would like users connected on TS/2X to be able to have printers, network drives, and permissions set by their AD logon.

    Hopwe someone can help. I am embarrassed that these questions are so basic.

    Thanks again.

  2. SWhite1

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    1) Yes each users requires a TS CAL.

    2) Yes each user requires an MS Office License. So I began to investigate Open Office becauseof the cost.

    I got this information from reading a licensing terms document MS has available on their website regarding Terminal Services unfortunately I do currently have the link. However you will probably find a number of helpful documents if you search their knowledge base.

  3. MrDave79

    MrDave79 Guest

    Thanks Simon....

    So, for example, if I'm publishing Word as an app with 2x... How does the TS server keep track of the Office license usage.

    How does it even know it has the licenses?

    I guess what I'm asking is do I HAVE to have a Office license, or am I SUPPOSED to have one.

  4. Lee

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    thats right TS is only worried about terminal services cals.

    You need to ensure you have the correct amount of Office CALS seperately to cover the amount of clients which will be using ofifce.
  5. MrDave79

    MrDave79 Guest

    So my TS will let me publish a single office app out to many people - without knowing or caring what licenses I have?!

    My situation is that I own hundreds of OEM copies of office... but am being told I would need to re-buy all these in license form to offer office via TS.

    Time to speak with MS guys again, me thinks.
  6. McShinsky

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    A bit of info when I talked to our MS licensing rep. If the user has office installed locally, then you do not need a second license for the user to use office off the terminal server. According to her, the license allows you to use office no matter where you launch it. That is what she told me so I am not asking any more questions.
  7. netkepala

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    ever changing MS


    Have fun asking MS rep abt licensing :) If you ask two reps, chances are they will give both conflicting answers. Those who have asked MS reps before will know what I mean ....

    You can take a look at the link below :-

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  8. netkepala

    netkepala Guest

    vendor FAQ

    You can also ask some vendor for licensing issues such as ThinSoft. They are quite ok
  9. Impuls

    Impuls Guest

    Ask your MS represantant for an Open Value contract.

    MS has different ways for licensing.

    We had the same problem with having dozens of OEM licenses for XP, 2k, servers, office, ....

    Open Value gives you the possibility to convert all the OEMs to this contract, FREE update to latest version (yes even you W2K server to W2K3) and you just need to say how much licenses you use now.
    Then after 1 year they'll ask how much you're using then, and change the price. In between you may add as much as servers and clients like you want, at the end its the total that counts.

    This is a short and crapy description, our file contains several pages :)

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