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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for M Series Mac' started by AlessandroM19, May 14, 2022.

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    My intel macbook broke and i was thinking to buy the new M1 Macbook. But i found out Boot Camp doesn't work anymore and most virtual machines don't either. Parallels seems to have an option to do this. But it is not clear wether:
    1. you can download the installation windows image only from the insider program
    2. windows has to be activated once installed otherwise it cannot be used. (on my old macbook I didn't activate windows but I could still use it)
    3. every program works on the virtual machine just like a normal virtual machine / laptop.
    4. it's actually legal to use win11 on m1 macs with parallels

    I need to run Visual Studio to create Windows Forms Applications in C Sharp.. does this work on Parallels with M1 processor Macs?

    This is kind of urgent...
    Thank you in advance for any helpful answer.
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    1) That used to be the case. Now Parallels offers a direct download option of the retail/OEM Windows.
    2) I assume that you will need to activate Windows with a valid license. I haven't tried running it without one, though. (The Insider Preview from the Dev Channel doesn't require a license.)
    3) Sort of. Windows on ARM emulates x86 and x64 software. x64 support is still fairly new and less reliable than x86 emulation. Also apps that require a driver will only work if an ARM driver exists.
    4) It's not illegal, but Microsoft doesn't officially support it.

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