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Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by RafaelL4, Apr 25, 2022.

  1. RafaelL4

    RafaelL4 Bit poster

    Hello guys,
    I'm experiencing poor performance with Parallels running Windows 10.
    In the past, about 3 months ago, I tested Parallels and it performed well with the trial version.
    After purchasing the app, installing it and starting to use it, I am facing this poor performance.
    Could anyone help to understand this low performance? What could change from 3 months ago?
    Thanks in advance
  2. GampaA@P

    GampaA@P Pro

    Hello RafaelL4, Please refer to the knowledge base article to improve virtual machine performance. Thanks.
  3. RafaelL4

    RafaelL4 Bit poster

    Hello GampaA,
    I followed the KB but I'm still having the poor performance issue.
    Is there another performance related KB?
    Thanks in advance.
  4. McallenT@P

    McallenT@P Parallels Team

    Hello @RafaelL4, The above-mentioned KB article is the only KB article for improving the performance of Windows virtual machine. Please refer to this KB article: to create a support ticket and reply here with the ticket number so that we can arrange a callback / remote session. Thanks, Parallels Team.
  5. RafaelL4

    RafaelL4 Bit poster

    The ticket opened to check this issue is
  6. Paya

    Paya Junior Member

    I have been using Parallels for years now. And I can definitely say the performance went down a lot in the last 3 months or so. I think something got broken recently. Hardware acceleration on MacOS guest is broken - just look at some recent posts in the MacOS guest forum. I have hardware acceleration issues on Windows too, particularly in browsers (don't play games etc). Several USB devices stopped working for me for no reason (both in Windows guest and MacOS guest, at the same time!!!), such as external webcam and Android USB-debugging. If you can, downgrade to whatever version you were running during trial.
  7. MichalR4

    MichalR4 Bit poster

    I see significant perf slow down of Win 10 after upgrading Parallels to 18 ver. It's not possible to work at all. After windows startup it takes about 2 minutes for desktop icons to refresh. On VMWare Win 10 works smoothly. If the issue is not resolved I am cancelling subscription.
  8. GcoGr

    GcoGr Bit poster

    I've got exactly the same issue. Win 10 VM extremely slow after updating to Parallels 18.
    I've measured VM computing and display capabilities compared to my desktop DELL computer. Computing performance of the VM is about 60-80% but graphic performance is below 3%, making the VM unusable.
    I know this can be solved, because in a couple of times my Win 10 VM started properly and graphic performance was OK, so there is some random issue that causes this slow behavior most of the time.
    I wish there was a Parallels 18 update that solved it.
  9. SimoneT2

    SimoneT2 Bit poster

    I had the same problem. I had to downgrade to Parallels 17 to be able to work again...
  10. GcoGr

    GcoGr Bit poster

    I also solved my problem by downgrading to Parallels 17.
    However, MacOS Ventura is out now and it seems Parallels 17 is not fully compatible with it.
    I will stay in MacOS Monterey by now, but I'd like to have this issue solved in Parallels 18 so I can get Ventura features as soon as possible.
  11. TomF13

    TomF13 Bit poster

    I had the same issue and solved it by running "reinstall Parallels tools" on the VM.
  12. GcoGr

    GcoGr Bit poster

    I reinstalled Parrallels tools when the support team asked me to do so in Parallels 18.0.2.
    It didn't work for me.
    Are you in Parallels 18.0.3?
    I haven't tried this update, still in Parallels 17 and MacOS Monterey :(

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