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Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by Parallels User, May 19, 2020.

  1. Hi folks,
    Whenever I go from full screen to windowed my Windows 10 desktop rearranges all of my open program windows so I have to put them all back to the way they were. I often move between the two desktops and was wondering if there was a switch where it would just leave everything in the Windows 10 OS exactly as is until I go full screen again. One solution is to click in the bottom right sys tray and minimize everything, go into the MAC OS and when I'm full screen in Windows click the sys tray again to mazimize everything but this isn't really a solution.

    Apologies is this has been asked. I wasn't sure how to pose the question. Thanks.
  2. Hello,
    how does window change? Is it go to the smaller size or does disappear from your Windows VM screen?
    Sorry for the reasking, but it will be great to get a step-by-step instructions from you in order to reproduce the issue on our side.
    Thanks for understanding.
  3. 1) Windows 10 is in full screen. I have MS Word and Excel open and they're setup side by side.
    2) I press CTRL.CMND.F to leave full screen which changes the resolution of the VM so that I can access something on the Mac side of my system.
    3) When I make the VM Window full screen again MS Word and Excel are now different sizes and not setup side by side anymore.

    I'd like to freeze the resolution on the VM desktop so that it doesn't change when I leave full screen. I can post photos if this isn't clear. Thanks.
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    ScottT12, I provide phone support at my day job and Maria@parallels is correct. The more details that you can provide the easier it is for the support team to provide a solution. I often have to try to recreate a user's problem to figure out what is causing the issue. Knowing what steps they took makes it much easier. Also your configuration is helpful as well.


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