Windows Recycle Bin and Mac Trash

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by GordonH6, Dec 4, 2022.

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    I am using the final release of Parallels 14 Desktop for Mac in a MacOS High Sierra (13.6) host. The default sharing setup for a Windows 10 guest is to merge the Windows Recycle Bin with Mac OS Trash. But I have seen a recent KnowledgeBase article stating that "Due to stability concerns, synchronization of Windows Recycle Bin and Mac Trash has been removed".

    My question is whether this applies to Parallels 14 running on a High Sierra host, or whether this is a recent development. And should I make sure to uncheck the box for merging the two if I set up a new Windows guest?

    I also wonder what they mean by "stability concerns". Problems for the host, the guest, or just data loss if a file is deleted and goes into NEITHER Trash nor the Recycle Bin.

    Thanks for looking.

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