Windows Subsystem for Android under Win11 ARM in Parallels

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop on a Mac with Apple silicon' started by ChrisParallel, Sep 10, 2022.

  1. ChrisParallel

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    I need an Android app emulator.
    In Windows 11, there isone available as Ressource from Microsoft, which seems to run pretty well.
    You can install it in Win 11 ARM when using US language settings setting, going to the Microsoft Store, install the Amazon Playstore, which then installs the Windows Subsystem for Android.
    Problem: When tryin to run, it shows the error message:
    "ensure that Virtual Machine Plattform is enabled in optional Windows features. Ensure, your device has virtualization enabled in the bios. If you're running Windows Subsystem for Android in a VM ensure that you have enabled nested virtualisation for the VM on the host, See for more information."

    I have enabled all options, but this option is not available vor the VM in Parallels 16, latest version.

    How can the needed options be enabled?
  2. TsetsoZ

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    This requires nested virtualization, which is hardware limited with the M1/ M2 CPU's.
    From what I understood, the apple arm chips essentially lack the second virtualization layer... This is why you can't run Hyper-V, Docker under Windows, or WSL2...
  3. TsetsoZ

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    Sadly the M series laptops are iPads on steroids... Yes, they might be fast for some operations, but have lots of missing stuff... :(
  4. beta_reichertm

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    it is now confirmed, that M2 DOES support nested virtualization.

    So Parallels get on and make this feature happen finally. Please !!!! It is so important because it is a W11 KEY FEATURE
  5. BongoM

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    Agree with beta - quite the lame roadblock to parallels claiming actual virtualization equivalency.

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