Windows "will expire soon" but then tells me I'm on the latest build

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop on a Mac with Apple silicon' started by DHK, Sep 24, 2023.

  1. DHK

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    I'm running Windows 11 on two M1 Macs with Parallels 19.0.0, each with their own activation key. On both of them I am receiving popup notices that the build will expire soon on 9/15/23... of course that has passed, but the message started appearing after that! When I attempt to upgrade the version I'm told I'm on the latest version. How do I solve this problem?
    Windows Specs:
    Edition: Windows 11 Pro Insider Preview
    Version: 22H2
    Installed: 10/3/2022
    OS Build: 25211.1010
    Experience: Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.25211.1010.0
    When I attempt to upgrade I receive the message:
    You're on the latest build for your device
    Installed build: 25211.1010 rs_prerelease
    Any more info needed? How can I resolve this? Thanks. Windows Specs.jpg Build Expiring.jpg On Latest Build.jpg
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  2. SamS4

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    I had the same error, but I was unable to correct it so I ended up reinstalling windows 11 on a new virtual machine.

    I know this is a brutal answer but I had to have a working system so I bit the bullet. I'll follow this thread and I'm curious if anyone has a solution.
  3. DHK

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    That's what I'm in the process of now... when I started I had to download the Win file directly... now it's easy, Parallels does it for us... So far so good....
  4. DHK

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    Don't really know, but I've resolved the issue by just starting over with a new version downloaded via Parallels.

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