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    I need help from Parallels tech or any expert who has experienced the following! What we need is a plan of attack for the problem.
    On a mac laptop running system 10.6 , Parallels desktop 5, we have a problem. When we open parallels, Windows XP starts up immediately with the black screen and logo, then immediately goes to a blue screen with lots of white writing but it is just a flash and we cant read any of the messages or stop it and then it goes to the normal Mac desktop and then it repeats! F8 doesn't wok to get windows into safe mode....I think it is too early when it hits a problem!

    Can anyone give me a bit of guidance on how to tackle this problem. We cant do anything in Parallels because it wont stop to let us choose a virtual machine (that was or original setup) now it is going immediately into XP when we open parallels. Is there anyway to get control of parallels in this situation

    We cant get to the Parallels boot sequence so we could start up on the windows CD and troubleshoot windows.

    Should we uninstall and reinstall Parallels?... or is that likely to put us n the same place!

    We have nothing of value in the virtual disk except windows and it is a pain to reinstall! Is there anyway to create a new virtual disk in this situation?...would you have to reinstall windows XP?

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