Windows XP is broken now with Parallels Desktop for Mac v18

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by autopro, Dec 6, 2022.

  1. autopro

    autopro Bit poster

    Since "upgrading" to v18, all my Windows XP PVMs have started crashing.
    The problem seems to be related to graphics. And only with certain apps.
    Since XP hasn't changed in 8 years, this is obviously a problem with v18.
    @community: Does anyone have any suggested configurations I can try?
    @parallels: Is Parallels aware of this problem? Is a fix coming?
  2. autopro

    autopro Bit poster

    For those who came here seeking an answer, my ticket was answered by the Parallels team. "it's a bug issue" ... "no available resolution at this time. As a workaround, in the meantime, please downgrade to Parallels Desktop 17. Please wait for the next Parallels Desktop 18 updates and were hoping that will fix the issue."
  3. DanC15

    DanC15 Bit poster

    This issue was driving me nuts. Finally solved it by disabling Direct3D acceleration.
    From the XP Start Menu/Run... "dxdiag". Pretty obvious what to do after that.

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