Windows XP no VGA Drivers

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by Martin Borisov, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. Martin Borisov

    Martin Borisov Bit poster

    Hello i have download Parallels Desktop 4 for Win/Linux but i have a problem with VGA.
    I have using Windows 7 x64 and i using on Parallels - Windows XP, everything is ok i set the video to 256MB but i can't set VGA drivers :( why is that ?
  2. GW2

    GW2 Bit poster

    I'm having the same issue. Any time i try to start a game it doesn't work.
  3. brewmaster02171990

    brewmaster02171990 Junior Member

    I have also the same issue every time I start a game. :( [​IMG]
  4. avabindi

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  5. ThomasT

    ThomasT Member

    Graphics in a VM


    You can't play games in a plain virtual machine because these VMs only emulate a graphics card and do not offer 3d-acceleration.
    That's also the reason why you can't install your usual graphics driver: There is no graphics card, just an emulation! Basically it's just 2D.

    To get true 3D hardware acceleration you would have to buy "Parallels Workstation EXTREME" and NVidia Quaddro graphics cards (FX3800, FX4800 or better). This would allow the VM-software to dedicate one quadro to the VM. The feature that makes it possible is called "SLI-Multi-OS" or just "SLI-MOS".

    There is no alternative. No VM can give you native 3D-acceleration and native graphics driver support for the guest if you do not have the required hardware and a VM-solution that is able isolate the graphics card and hand it over to the VM.

    So this is not a bug! It's just something that virtual machines can't do.

    Oh: Some other manufacturers claim to offer some sort of 3d acceleration... May personal advice: Forget about that. Their "3d acceleration" is hardly good enough for calling it 3d acceleration. It's just a small subset of 3d functions which are ridiculous slow. Most programs that rely on directX or openGL won't work at all.

    So if you really have to get full 3D-support in a virtual machine you need:
    - A system that offers the required subset of VM-features (VT-d, VT-d(2), etc)
    - NVidia Quadro graphics that allow SLI-Multi-OS (virtualisation of graphics cards)
    - Parallels Workstation EXTREME

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