Windows XP or 98SE? work ok on Parallels Desktop 16?

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by PaulC30, Oct 1, 2020.

  1. PaulC30

    PaulC30 Junior Member

    Hi, Im about to try Parallels Desktop again after a while away.

    Support have told me that PD16 will work ok on High Sierra 10.13.6, which my iMac is at (dont need to upgrade due to other programs) so this has made me look at v16 and not v15.

    I don't have much space left on my MacHD and its a small SSD, but really think I only need Windows XP installed on Parallels.
    Is any other users here using XP? I hear that a simple install of XP can only be around 1-2Gb

    I stopped using Windows around XP so the programs I need to use all were in that period, and have no interest in going higher
    I did try W10 but there was a lot of bloat that i didn't need.

    Parallels support have said that XP works fine, and as its unsupported and quite vulnerable on a PC, under Parallels, I can 'block' XP's internet access, and use any internet through Parallels and the MacOS only.

    So, any other users here using XP with success, just before I jump in? :)
  2. PaulC30

    PaulC30 Junior Member

    I should add to the above post that I am thinking of Windows 98SE also, as this is even smaller lighter install and again, my programs will all work on 98SE totally fine, as they are many years old and i don't need to update as they are very stable.

    My thoughts are that I did have a Windows 98SE disk with a serial number, but for Parallels and install purposes, does Windows 98SE as a VM need an old 3.5'' floppy disk, that i think way back them was needed for an install? (i maybe wrong here)
    So does Parallels need the CD, and floppy disk to install this OS properly, and a serial (even though its 21 years old) or does Parallels take care of the whole installation for you on 98SE?

    I just thought id ask before attempting this, and getting into all sorts of trouble with the install not completing etc!
  3. Ajith1

    Ajith1 Parallels Support

    You can refer to this article for the supported guest OS list. If you have the ISO file, you can install any supported guest OS's in Parallels Desktop. Yes, there are several users who are successfully using Windows XP on their Macs with Parallels Desktop.
  4. PaulC30

    PaulC30 Junior Member

    So it looks like windows 98se is dropped from the last few Parallels Desktop editions including the latest v16?

    Do I either use windows xp on PD16 or use an older version of Parallels and my Windows 98se installation?

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