Windows XP VM corrupted

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by jkneen, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. jkneen


    Not sure how it happened or when but yesterday my XP VM went badly wrong. I was moving an email in Outlook and got an error in my OST. Ran SCANPST and the VM closed during it. On reboot scandisk when absolutely mad and was deleting and moving and recovering and changing entries.

    On boot up I could login but TCPIP was no longer available, network cards were not working and generally the machines was f****d.

    Luckily the disk was intact so i created a new XP VM, attached the drive and have managed to recover all my data - just spent most of today reinstalling apps etc.

    Lesson 1 - I should have backed up my Virtual disk between setting it up in December and now. No excuse - laziness and complancency

    lesson 2 - I should have sorted out my software to backup my data online so I had that safe too.

    Far to say I won't be making this mistake again. A weekly backup of the whole VM and an incremental backup of files etc using and I should be safe in future.

    In my stupidity I'd somehow turned off system restore so couldn't do that!

    I guess what we need in PLs is snapshots - I could have stored these along the way and rolled back to a few days ago. Now THAT would be cool

    Anyway, back to the installing.

  2. marjet


    Did you have to move the files from the old windows to the new one, and can you tell me how to do that? I just had to install a new vp because my old one corrupted and of course I didnt back up either.

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