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    I installed Parallels tools into my WindowsXP Bootcamp partition and found when booting into Windows (not using Parallels) that I was getting an oddball error and freeze when launching Battlefield2142 or anything else 3D. The window or foldertab shows in the taskbar as Wine3d3_CapsWindow and then I'm forced to quit the process. It doesn't affect Office or anything else not using DirectX.

    I ran DXDIAG and found lots of errors about running old versions of files needed for DIRECTX. Now I realize indeed something in the Parallels tools is hosing my install of DX. I redownloaded and reinstalled. All is well. Attached is my dxdiag txt file..

    Dearest Parallels team. I love the product and depend on it for most of my Windows XP boots and it works well enough. But Parallels tools shouldn't be stepping on the toes of my XP install while booting directly into Windows. Can you please fix the tools or at least make it easier for us to uninstall the tools while booted into bootcamp. As things are I need to boot back into OS X then launch Parallels and again Windows.. Followed by an uninstall of the tools which still leaves DirectX files damaged.

    I have altered the dxdiag.txt file to allow it to be uploaded. The original file size was around 51k or so and the site allows 19k. Still the info is there.

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