WinXP can find netowrk hardware

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by dafuser, Nov 17, 2006.

  1. dafuser


    WinXP can find network hardware

    I'm running the latest build of Parallels on my Macbook. It was working fine until a Windows update this morning. After the required reboot there is no network connection from WinXP. Looking at the network icon at the bottom of the window, it says :

    Mode: Realtek 80229 (AS) Bridged Ethernet
    Name: Default Adapter
    Status: Connected

    Windows can't find any network hardware and the Network Wizard fails.

    I seem to remember I had this same problem during the initial WinXP install and found some
    instructions on how to add the correct network drivers from Paralles to my WinXP installtion.

    I can't find the "magic" seach query to locate these instructions again. Does anyone have either a thred I can look at to find the instructions again?

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  2. unused_user_name


    You might have to uninstall/reinstall the Parallels tools. If I remember correctly the tools contain the network drivers.

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