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Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by jczarni, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. jczarni

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    Im looking to boot my native WinXP partition in Parallels without screwing up my current set up. Im not sure of the feasibility. I have an Acronis OS Selector environment Ive been running since Christmas. My SATA HD goes like this front to back:

    NTFS (WinXP boot) 10G
    OSX (OSX boot) 50G
    NTFS (Data) 174G

    I cant remember where Acronis part. sits, but if you can help with my problem you probably know.

    On install, Parallels sees my WinXP part. as a Boot Camp part. Ive tried, but i get the non-standard boot camp info window.

    Is there a way to boot my WinXP partition in Parallels?
  2. koolaidman

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    There seems to be an issue when attempting to boot a Boot Camp partition in Parallels when you have more than one volume mounted on the system.

    i.e. Unless you have just a) a Boot Camp partition and b) a Mac OSX partition, Parallels will complain about the non-standard configuration and refuse to boot.

    I encountered this situation merely by having a USB external hard drive connected to my MBP when trying to start up a Boot Camp partition in Parallels. It would not boot until I disconnected the external drive.

    Since you have 3 (or more) partitions, I'm not sure if you're going to be able to boot from your Boot Camp partition until Parallels releases a fix or configuration control for this type of partitioning.
  3. jczarni

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    Thanks for the input!

    I didnt have the NTFS data partition mounted at the time, and OSX Disk Utility doesnt report the Acronis boot partition at all. Im scared to do ANYTHING at this time. I will wait for Parallels to update and try it again.

    Thanks again.

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