WinXp Partition, Performance Question

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by jaysch, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. jaysch

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    I'm a newbie to Parallels so please excuse my ignorance. I've used VM Ware on a PC so I'm somewhat familiar with virtualization technology.

    I have a new MacBook Pro with 4gb of memory and the 160, 7200 rpm internal drive along with 1.5 tb of external eSATA storage. I'd like to know the typical setup and install scenario for a XP Pro.

    Specifically what are the general steps and in what order? I assume it's something like:

    1. Install Parallels
    2. Create a Windows partition & format - NTFS?
    3. Install WinXP (via Parallels)

    I do mostly .Net web design and development using DreamWeaver, VisualStudio 2005, CS3, etc. but will also do post production using FinalCut Pro 6. So, I'm moving more toward the Mac side of things but I’m a little concerned about having sufficient resources to run, let's say Visual Studio on the PC side and CC3on the Mac at the same time. I'm OK with using Boot Camp but people keep telling me I should just run Paralles. I assume I can use either Boot Camp or Paralles if I choose?

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated!
  2. jackybe67

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    Install parallels. Put icon in dock. Click on icon and then you see in taskbar "File", there you see "New". Choose Express......

    Install xp via parallels and just follow instructions (it's very easy :) )

    You can accolate up to 1.5 gb ram to xp (think 1 gb would be enough)

    I only use parallels and not bootcamp so i don't have to restart ....
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  3. jaysch

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    Thanks so much for the info. This is all making me a little nervous but as you say, it seems pretty easy.

    One additional question - After the WinXP install (via parallels), will I have the option of booting fully to XP via Boot camp? Or for that functionality, do you have to do a more conventional, none-virtual machine Windows installation? In others words, will boot-camp be able to use the XP VM already installed or do you have to do a second, full Windows install in order to use Boot-Camp.

    Is it a matter of one or the other?

  4. jackybe67

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    2 options :

    1) First install bootcamp and xp. Parallels can use this partition

    2) Install parallels with xp and bootcamp with xp separated

    I would install both serparated, there have been some problems with bootcamp partition.
    Your gonna like coherence mode in parallels (running xp without seeing it :) )
    I have a macbook pro 2.4, 7200 with 2 gb memory

    There is an update for bootcamp (version 1.4)

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