Wireless networking hotfix in Beta6

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by Andrew @ Parallels, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. Andrew @ Parallels

    Andrew @ Parallels Parallels Developers

    Dear Friends!

    We apologize for bug with disabling wireless networking in Beta6! We've already fixed this and hot fix is available in download center. It goes also under Beta6 name with a different build number (1812.7). Please, download it, update your version and enjoy bridging to Airport again.

    Download Parallels Workstation 2.1 Beta6 Hotfix now!

    We're sorry for the inconvenience and believe that you'll excuse us for this mistake. We're trying to deliver the latest updates to you as fast as possible. We're happy to see that you really use the product. Thanks to all of you for your quick responses.
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  2. skywalker


    hi andrew,
    is it recommended to install this fix even when bridging works in my beta 6 ?
    does this eventually fix my shared folder problem ?
  3. Bandito


    Thanks for the quick fix Andrew. You sure are putting in the hours!
  4. pierremaison


    Works a treat, yet another reason why I have already bought this software.
    Well done guys, good job.
  5. dirk@hohndel.org


    Wow, you guys are impressive!

    Will this fix the need for the DHCP workaround?
  6. dirk@hohndel.org


    yep. already bought two copies, too.
  7. vamp07


    clap clap clap!!!!!!
  8. skyking


    Andrew, from the timing of these posts, you haven't been getting much sleep. I just installed the latest beta 6 hotfix and I am once again able to connect wirelessly to the net. You folks have been very responsive to every issue raised (I've been here since beta 2) and your hard work is most appreciated.

  9. johnnykrisma


    Just wanted to chime in and say this hotfix worked for me. All is well in parallels world. Thanks much!
  10. tomhalv


    Beta 6 is working great here... wifi, shared folders, etc. I haven't tried much of anything USB-related yet, so will need to try out Wacom tablet or something next.

    Keep up the great work!!
  11. tomm


    Thanks for the fix Andrew, it works. But I have a couple of questions:

    My Network adaptor was set to Default and it warned me to use another one, so I switched it to en1. en0 was not even there, perhaps because my Ethernet was disabled in my OSX System preferences/Network port configurations.

    Now I see both Ethernet Adaptor (en2) grayed out and Parallels Host-Guest Adaptor likevise grayed out. I'd like to see some readme file in each beta explaining what each beta is doing to out mac infigurations, which ports are installed, disabled, enabled etc. So that we are not in the dark all the time. I had no idea where all these new ports came from, I only assumed that they are from Parallels. The way it is leaves me droping in the dark and afraid that some alient is taking over my MacBook. Should I delete these grayed out ports and if yes, where? Will we need them in the future and for what?

  12. chad_downbeat


    MBP 2Ghz, 2Gb -- Win2k Pro

    all is well with networking here.

    After installing parallels tools, from the menu, my devices (other pci and VGA) are both working properly.

  13. HON C TSOI

    HON C TSOI Bit Poster

    Hi, Andrew,

    You guys are great! The networking comes back smoothly now so far after the 1812.7 hotfix. I never see such a commercial software developer responses and reacts so quickly to your beta testers or "Fans". I pre-ordered a copy but my trial version is going to expire in 5 days! I am one of your "pioneers". I bought my first Imac Intel couple months ago and was disappointed with Virtual PC hasn't launched Intel's version until you guys came out. Parallels totally changed my way of computing. I am a Windows addict since Win3.0. I use Imac for multimedia fun stuffs and Parallels VM to run my daily business stuffs. Remote Desktop and PcAnywhere running perfectly on VM which makes my life easier and saves time.
    One more time. YOU GUYS ARE GREAT and Good Job.
  14. mikechadwick


    Beta 6 is great and you guys are amazing! tried beta 6 this morning and wifi didn't work - just downloaded the fix and it works perfectly! Awesome:)
  15. Andrew,

    Don't rush. Better to do it right than do it fast. We may all be impatient, but that's our problem. You make the best product you can and take the time to make it right. As they say, "Measure twice, cut once."
  16. Scott Willsey

    Scott Willsey

    Thanks for the amazingly quick turnaround time on a fix for the wireless networking guys.

    Parallels is doing an amazing job, and this software is really getting better and better.
  17. jdb4mac


    My wireless connection is broke:(

    Beta 5 worked well for me but now beta 6 breaks my connection. i've verified that I've got the correct version of beta 6.

    My Parallels guest host adaptor is not being configured properly. It indicates that the "cable" is attahced but it's not getting an IP address assigned.

    Anyone got any ideas?

  18. Andrew @ Parallels

    Andrew @ Parallels Parallels Developers

    The fixed bug is related to wireless networking, so if you don't needed you may stay with original build 1812.5. There was no other changes. So it is up to you.
  19. Andrew @ Parallels

    Andrew @ Parallels Parallels Developers

    Don't worry - both adaptors are Parallels ones and works for host-only networking. Actually it is the same adapter, but we renamed it from Parallels Host-Guest to en2 for Mac NAT support. One of them out of date now and will be removed by next update install routine - but don't worry - it doesn't harm you system in any way.
  20. alkalifly

    alkalifly Kilo Poster

    Any news on VPN?

    I was hoping that Beta 6 would solve the VPN problem (described here http://forum.parallels.com/post5404-1.html), but still no luck.

    I really would like to hear from somebody at Parallels about this; I have already sent multiple emails to support@parallels.com but I haven't heard anything back. I'm sure that email address is completely flooded with emails right now, so I do not fault them for not having gotten to mine. However, I would really appreciate someone from Parallels at very least mentioning something like: VPN should work, there must be something wrong with your setup; or, VPN will be implemented in a future version;, or VPN will never be compatible with Parallels Workstation, or something like that.
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