Wireless networking hotfix in Beta6

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by Andrew @ Parallels, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. ares

    ares Bit poster

    Superb support

    A good reason to buy this software!
  2. engrProf

    engrProf Member

    You guys are great!

    Which is why you already have my $40. :p :p
  3. Andrew @ Parallels

    Andrew @ Parallels Parallels Team


    VPN definetly should work - most likely you have some problems with proper setuping it. We will be back soon and will try to understand what is wrong with your setup.
  4. blshaw45

    blshaw45 Member

    VPN with Cisco VPN clinet works just fine on my VM (XP) and has since I first tried it in beta 5.
  5. alkalifly

    alkalifly Hunter

    Andrew, thanks for your reply. I do hope to get this sorted out ASAP

    blshaw, can you descrobe your setup for me? Are you using bridged networking or host-only? When your host machine connects to the internet, is it through airport or ethernet? Does it go to a router, or directly to a modem? Have you manually assigned an IP addess for the guest machine, or is it picking it up using DHCP? Does the IP address change when you connect the host to the VPN?

    I know that's a lot of questions, but any information you could give me along those lines would be much appreciated! Thanks
  6. sickbar

    sickbar Junior Member

    Am I doing something wrong?

    My version now is 1812.7 is this the hotfix?
    if it is, it's not that hot and id didn't fix anythig.

    Am i doing somthing wrong?
    Still can't go online

  7. dirk@hohndel.org

    dirk@hohndel.org Member

    There are two different scenarios here:

    a) the host connects to an unsecure network and the guest shares that connection and then connects through VPN to the secure network. I've done this with both b5 and b6 successfully.

    a) the host connects through VPN and you want the guest to share that VPN connection. I know several VPN products that prohibit this - they don't want your computer to become a back-door into their firewall. I think this is what you are trying to do... have you checked that your VPN software allows this? Otherwise this isn't a Parallels issue...

  8. sickbar

    sickbar Junior Member

    fixed it

    never mind, wireless working now

  9. alkalifly

    alkalifly Hunter

    Hi, Dirk, thanks for your reply.

    Right, I have actually done this successfully since beta 4, this is no problem. The problem is that I need my HOST on the VPN.

    While I would *like* for my guest to be able to share the VPN connection with the host, it is not absolutely necessary. If I can connect the host to the VPN and still allow the guest to maintain its connection to the original usecure network, that would be fine.

    However, I am certain that my VPN software (Cisco version 4.9.000) does not prohibit this. The tech support at my school (who maintain the VPN service) say that it should be possible, as long as I check a box in the VPN client that says "Allow Local LAN access" which I have done.

    So, to reiterate, it would be nice for both host and guest to be on the VPN at the same time, and the techs at school say this should be possible, but I would settle for a situation that allows host on VPN and guest on unsecured at the same time, which I currently cannot achieve. I can ahieve host on unsecure, guest on VPN, and have been able to since beta 4, but this is not what I am needing to do.

    Any further help would be most appreciated.
  10. aleax

    aleax Bit poster

    My suggestion is the reverse: keep releasing early and often, i.e., DO do it fast -- you need to have a superior product established with an unassailable foothold before the Big Guys (VMWare, MS VirtualPC) finally take notice of the "niche" (Macs with intel processors) and come rolling in with big tanks. IOW, so far I think you guys are using just the right strategy given the prospects of future competitive pressure from such big companies (funny enough, VMWare's showcased on the front page of today's Business section of the Mercury News, check www.mercurynews.com/business if you can't easily get the paper -- they're planning to launch a Mac version "this summer", and the newspaper positively compares it to Bootcamp while NOT mentioning Parallels... maybe your Press Relations people can send an email about that right now... anyway, VMWare has money to burn, and MS just announced they'll be investing enormous sums, so big that Wall Street took a 10%-plus slice off their hide...).

  11. SFrawley

    SFrawley Member

    BAD POLICY to release change without revised number

    STILL NO NETWORKING HERE TOO. Fast isn't always good. I am running Windows 200 w/ SP4. I have no networking and no sharing. Tools still asks for disks it can't access and my machine is pretty crippled from Beta 5.:(

    Re Releasing a software product without renaming it sure wasted my time and is very improper I feel.

    Call it 6.1 or something but tyring to hide the revision by just releasing another modification shows poor judgement I think.:mad:
  12. nchaurdia

    nchaurdia Bit poster

    tried uninstalling beta 5 and 6 and reinstalling it, but even with the newest one out with the fix...i can't get wireless networking to work. it keeps giving me limited/no connectivity


    this is for xp sp2
  13. steveluscher

    steveluscher Bit poster

    Thank you for the great work Parallels! If we saw development this active on Macromedia (Adobe) Flash, it might not have so many lingering bugs, and I would be a much happier developer!

    Please ignore all of the disparaging comments; you're doing a fantastic job.
  14. skywalker

    skywalker Junior Member

    hey, i understand your frustration with the state you're in but not the way you're dealing with it.
    don't forget: we are dealing with BETA software here.:rolleyes:
    you have to know this BEFORE dealing with beta software.

    which means that you're always in rsik of loosing data and having other problems.

    on my side working with w2k sp4 has no problems, ecept the shared folder problem.
    did you set your vm's network configuration to standard/default ?
  15. spullara

    spullara Member

    My networking for both wired and wireless is working in Windows. In my redhat install only wired networking works.
  16. dumaic

    dumaic Bit poster

    My wireless under Windows XP will not work. I have installed Beta 6 hotfix.
  17. dumaic

    dumaic Bit poster

    What did you do? I can not get my wireless working.
  18. jeffmurphy

    jeffmurphy Junior Member

    Check this thread to get wireless networking working.

    There's a bug that prevents you from using the AirPort in "bridged" networking mode. Any chance of getting that bug addressed in the next beta?
  19. SFrawley

    SFrawley Member

    How about some advice from the developers???

    I have tried suggestions from users to no avail. I have no networking or shared folders under Windows 2000 SP4. Except for shared folders, I got things working in Beta 5 even though Tools installation was flakey for my installation.

    Except for the Service Pack 4 mine is a vanilla installation. I have the SP4 update file and when Tools installation asks for disks it doesn't recognize inserted disks when the installation is running and I don't know how to extract the files it looks for in the SP4 file. (like i8042prt.sys, ichaud.sys, mouclass.sys, etc.).

    Will installation on the release take this much brain damage? I have reviewed each release of the docs without any assistance for my problems and it seems I can't go back to the earlier versions that worked pretty well for me.

    How about some advice from you Parallels pros?:rolleyes:
  20. nchaurdia

    nchaurdia Bit poster

    How is it that some people have it working and some dont? Mine doesn't work, but once I get back to the hotel I'm going to try using the shared internet thing and let's see if it works on XP.

    I used bluetooth to connect to my treo and to the internet, and then shared the bluetooth conncetion to the ethernet connection (en0) and it seemed to work like a charm in XP. But of course, that's slow so I would rather use WiFi. Since one of the reasons I use XP is for Internet Explorer Dont worry, I have to use it since this one site only allows access from IE6 on a PC...Blah!

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