Wish to be able to Hibernate Bootcamp XP

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by Atomic_Fusion, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. Atomic_Fusion


    I wish I could Hibernate my Bootcamp XP so I don't have to go through the startup sequence every time. It seems to take so much time for Parallels from the time I click the Start arrow, to launch the VM, to the time I'm actually in the OS. Stepping away from the computer for an extended period of time means shutting down Windows, then shutting down the Mac.
  2. aguydude


    Well, you can suspend parallels and then resume it. I assume your wish is to be able to load hibernated XP under Parallels normal and load suspended Parallels normal under Bootcamp. I'm not sure supporting this is actually feasible, since I believe the assumption of hibernate/resume is that you are using the same hardware when you wake up.
  3. Gremlin



    aguydude, how do you suspend/resume bootcamp xp in parallels? I would like to do this, since I only rarely boot it under bootcamp, but it seems to be blocked, is there a way it can be re-enabled?
  4. aguydude


    Err, I guess maybe you can't. I'm not using a bootcamp install and may have misspoke. I don't see any good reason parallels couldn't support this, except perhaps for fear that the user would suspend, reboot in Windows, do stuff, reboot, try to resume, experience evil. But the latter issue seems like something one could make the user responsible for handling (e.g. by popping up a warning when suspending, and allowing the user to disable the warning).
  5. n9yty


    VMWare Fusion can do this for a BootCamp partition....

    1) It requries an unsupported user modification, for good reason....

    2) If you leave VMWare suspended, and boot into Parallels or Boot Camp native, then re-launch VMWare and it tries to resume, you will cause massive windows filesystem damage.

    However, I can live with those warnings, and I wish a similar easy hack existed for Parallels to be able to have the choice how and when I use the system, not have it dictated by vendors to "protect me from myself".
  6. galinml


    Most laptops, allow you on resume from a hibernate, and abort the resume and reject hibernation data.. Yea you might corrupt files that are in ram.. But who cares for the 1 outta 100 times, that i have a hibernated session and i try to load up xp from bootcamp..

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