Wndows XP crashes when Installing Parallels Tools

Discussion in 'Parallels Transporter' started by swlee99, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. swlee99

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    I finished pulling my windows xp to a HD image and started up the windows xp in a VM environment. However, when I tried to install the Parallel Tools, the VM crashes, it keeps on happenning when I do it again and again.

    ANybody has any idea why?

  2. swlee99

    swlee99 Bit poster

    Hey, I fixed myself.
    I cleaned my window xp hdd image a little bit, removed unnecessary applications, and such that freed up some disk space ratio from 5/40G to 15/40G.
    Then, I installed the parallels tools again, and, guess what, it works straight away.
    Now, I got a working windows xp on top of my mac, using the transporter feature.
  3. hank freid inn

    hank freid inn Bit poster

    Ok for one thing you shouldn't be inform it to install Parallels Tools with an express install; it should do that automatically. Also, you can't uninstall Parallels Desktop just by used up it to the rubbish can, you need to run the uninstaller which is included in the same disk image as the installer. Follow these information’s. Then when you use the express install wait awaiting Parallels Tools install automatically (do NOT tell Parallels to install them) and Windows reboots.

    hank freid

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