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    Here is the scenario - student logins into 2X TC OS, launches published application Word 2003, once Word is started, student atempts to hit any key, they are kicked out of Word and returned to the 2X TC OS.

    In a classsroom of 24 students, this happens with 10 to 15 of the students. EVERY time there is a new class.

    If the student retries opening Word, eventually it will start working - normally this takes 3 to 5 attempts before finally working.

    HP servers - dual quad core 2.5Ghz processors, 24Gb Ram, teamed gigabit NICs to new HP Procurve switch, Fiber connection to Cisco 6509 MDF, and gigabit connections to the classrooms, all the way to the desktop

    Windows 2003 Enterprise Sp2 - Terminal Server role
    Office 2003 SP3
    2X Application Server 7.1 build 660
    2X TC Server 6.1 r5512
    Thin Clients 2X OS generic 6.1 r5512

    Any ideas???
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    When I click on an existing document to open Word 2003, the following message is displayed within Word: "This document could not be registered. It will not be possible to create links from other documents to this document."

    This message does not appear when I just open Word from its shortcut. However, once Word is open and I open an existing document, or click on the New Document icon, this message is displayed.

    At the suggestion of someone in the Microsoft Help Forum, I ran Windword /r from the Run box, but it did nothing. I also tried uninstalling Office 2003 and manually removing all remaining registry references to it before reinstalling, but the problem persists.

    Although I really don't need it, I noticed that the Office Assistant also doesn't work. The following message is displayed when selecting Help, Show the Office Assistant: "The Office Assistant cound not be started. The Assistant might not have been disabled properly, there might be problems with your Office setup, or your computer might be low on memory." In Excel and PowerPoint, this message appears: "The Office Assistant requires Microsoft Agent 2.0 or later. This product is available on the Office System Pack." I cannot find an Office System Pack on the Office 2003 CD. However, I did download and install Microsoft Agent from Microsoft's download site, but I still get this message.

    I had and uninstalled Office XP before installing Office 2003. Office XP also had the "This document could not be registered." message in Word, but the Office Assistant had worked.

    The computer has a 900Mhz Athlon Thunderbird processor with 256MB of RAM, with Windows XP Professional and XP Service Pack 2.

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