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    I found parallels desktop to be useful to my budding business so i bought a yearly subscription to pro. With it came parallels access an awesome addition to a already cool parallels software.

    So I started up my mac mini with the Access Server, and downloaded Access client on my Ubuntu laptop. I can connect through html5 fine so far, however the client itself on Linux says [ you do not have RAS farms running you cannot connect through when i give it my info like email address or server IP. This saddens me because i wanted a dedicated linux or windows laptop to be using Parallels access.. Is it intentional??

    Very interested to see your answers

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    The Parallels Client for Linux (currently) only connects with Parallels RAS servers and uses RDP for the actual connection. Currently, only Windows machines are officially supported (although some users have found creative ways to connect other OSs).

    Parallels Access is a separate product that uses its own remoting protocol. AFAIK there are native clients available for mobile OSs like Android and iOS. For other OSs, only the HTML5 client can be used.
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    Thanks for that informative answer : ) So that's not bad I guess I can also use Parallels from windows and on a tablet.
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