Would deleting a Boot Camp Partition screw with Parallels?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by SethG1, Oct 15, 2019.

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    So a few years ago, I needed to use Windows for a class in college. I had originally set it up using one of the free VM softwares, but I hated how slow and laggy it was so I set up a bootcamp partition. I hated how long it took to reboot between Windows 10 and MacOS, but I made due for the sake of the class. Flash forward to today, I don't necessarily *need* Windows, but it sure does help my productivity at work considering how useless the Mac version of Excel is. When I originally set up the VM on Parallels that I currently use, I didn't import it from Boot Camp because I still had the Windows .iso file (and since it was a student version, I didn't need to pay for a new license). Considering there is seemingly no relation between my current Parallels VM and my Boot Camp Partition, would it be safe to go ahead and remove the partition entirely and free that disk space back up?
  2. Hi SethG1. If you are sure that the virtual machine is not created using the BootCamp partition, then you can delete and start using the Windows VM which was installed using the ISO image using Parallels Desktop for Mac.
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    I think I completely agree with the previous answer.

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