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    I've been using Parallels for a while on a Mac Retina. I created a Windows 7 instance which is where I do a lot of my work. I also created a Windows 8 instance to be able to play with it and see how it does. It's now about 9 months later and I recently ran the last Parallels update. Coincidence or not, what has started happening is the wrong version of instance of Parallels is opening when reading mail and open attachments. Actually, that's where I see it most but if I have a Word or Excel file and open it, it would always open Word or Excel in Windows 7 which is the only place I have those programs. But now, it always opens the Windows 8 session instead and, of course, nothing happens because the software isn't installed. Just a waste of time waiting for the instance to start so I can shut it back down.
    How to I define what is suppose to be opening and how did it get changed?
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    Hi Daniel,
    If you want to open Word or Excel in Windows 7 please follow the steps suggested below:
    1. Select a Word file and make a right click.
    2. Click on get info on the pop up menu.
    3. Select Word for Windows 7 under open with and click on change all.
    4. Make a double click on the icon to start the Word file in Windows 7 , please perform the above steps for MS Excel to and let us know how does it work.
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    Thanks Ram. Part of my problem is learning some of the insides of Mac. Being a die-hard Windows since it first came out, I've been struggling where to find some of these controls in the world of Apple. I did find where some had changed.
    Thank you.
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    Hi.. I just ran into the same situation for my two windows instances and I figured out that the issue is with the wrong HDD. The following worked for me:

    Settings of the instance ---> select Hard Disk1 from the left pane and select the correct .hdd from Source drop-down and restart your vm.

    Hope that helps.

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