X11 Changing Resolutions On The Fly Corrupts The Display

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by scottdelap, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. scottdelap


    I just installed Red Hat Enterprise 4 in Parallels. When I'm in X and use their preference dialogs to change the display resolution it becomes unusable. If I instead change the xorg.conf directly and then reboot things are fine. Any way of getting it to change on the fly easier like Windows?
  2. dfj225


    I am experiencing the same issues using Gentoo and Gnome 2.14. Using Gnome's menu to resize causes the screen to become corrupt and unusable.

    I have yet to try this using KDE to see test if it is specific to Gnome or not.

    Any feedback on a workaround (other editing the file and rebooting) would be appreciated. If there is no workaround, has anyone filed a bug report yet?

  3. chrissearle


    From what I can see - its general. Using the xrandr extensions - I can get a list of what it thinks is the supported resolutions - but changing them always corrupts the screen.
  4. dmtdbear


    It is nice to run a linux in a VM but use MacOS X instead

    While it is nice to run linux in a VM in Parallels. I actually had good luck run KDE 3.3 inside of OS X and Gnome 2.3 as an intregral part of the Mac OS X desktop (Aqua) I like to use Konqueror over the Finder Application in OS X. It is just easier for me to look at files that way. Install X11 and XCode 2 off the Tiger CD and the DMG for the KDE Libraries. The added benefit no screen corruption when you change resolutions. MacOS X is really a flavor of Unix and is very very flexible. You can also run some Windows applications through Darwine, the Darwin/OS X version of Wine. Native mode is really better than virualization. Always RTFM, before installing or compling source to build a working copy of either KDE or Gnome under MacOS X.

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  5. dfj225



    While what you have said is true, I still need to run linux in its entirety for development work as well as testing.

    However, having the ability to use most open source tools and programs on OS X is part of the main reason that I bought a Mac. Having something like Parallels is really icing on the cake.

    That said, I hope there is a solution to this problem soon. Has anyone checked to see if there is a bug report submitted for this? Perhaps when I have some more free time I will write one myself.

    Otherwise, I'm still interested in finding any solutions that someone here might have come accross.

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