x86 programs on Linux ARM (M1/M2)

Discussion in 'Linux Guest OS Discussion' started by ChrisParallel, Aug 12, 2022.


Do you use Linux for ARM?

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  2. Yes, but I face relevant limitations

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  3. No, I would like but it cannot do what I want

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  1. ChrisParallel

    ChrisParallel Bit Poster


    Linux/Unbuntu for Arm Is nice and has a good performance.
    Also many programs are available for the Arm version or you can compile it for by your own.

    But many programs are not available for ARM and for some even no compilable source is there.

    Could a x86/x64 emulation be installed by default to run that programs on it?
    As I understand, this should work:
    But its complicated for normal users to get there.
  2. brad-x

    brad-x Bit Poster

    @ChrisParallel There will be incoming support for running x64 binaries via Rosetta2 in macOS Ventura, which Parallels may support (not an official statement). In the meantime, it's possible to run x86_64 binaries on ARM64 using a combination of binfmt_misc and qemu-user-static - an example of the inverse is here: https://codepyre.com/2019/12/arming-yourself/

    Typically just installing these two binaries will let you then set up a chroot or container with an x86_64 filesystem into which you can install and run executables. This will not perform as quickly as native (or Rosetta2), but it will run most things.

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