Xbox app not installing games

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by LeoM5, Aug 16, 2021.

  1. LeoM5

    LeoM5 Bit Poster

    Hello, I have installed Parallels 17 trial on my MacBook Pro m1, atm I use windows 11 insider, and on xbox app they not installing here, says I need administrator, but I can't right click on app on win11 it not show run as administrator, also games who use battleye not run, like (tibia). Tried with windows 10 arm before install win11 and got same problems. I want purchase parallels but with these problems may I will skip =(.

    Any tip?
  2. PeterG29


    I'm having the exact same problem, except I have an M1 iMac.

    For me, I can instal the Xbox app, but it will not launch.

    I only need windows for Xbox game pass. Spent all afternoon yesterday troubleshooting. Very frustrating.
  3. Derek13

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    I'm having the same issue here. Xbox app won't even get past the launch screen before crashing.
  4. yakovh

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    me too. the app opens up and closes itself immediately.

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