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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by tangential, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. tangential

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    Does anyone know if there is a way to get xga video in a linux client?

    If it isn't available now, will it be available in final product?
  2. gnujon


    But do you really need it?

    You could just use the X11 server that Apple includes with Mac OS X. Just set the DISPLAY environment variable in your Linux VM to point to the IP address of your Mac OS X host system.

    For example if your Mac OS X host OS has the IP address and your guest Linux VM has the IP address, then you could enter this command in the Linux VM:

    export DISPLAY=

    And this command in your Mac OS X host:

    xhost +

    After doing that any X11 apps you start up in the Linux VM will use the Mac OS X X11 server. You can even put the Mac OS X X11 server into full screen mode and run Gnome or KDE if you want.

    The nice thing about this setup is that it gives you hardware accelerated Open GL too :).
  3. nesco



    your post is very useful and it works great! Thank you.

    But what if I'm not connected to the internet with Mac OS X?
    Doing the same it doesn't work anymore for me...

  4. nesco


    exporting linux display to X11

    I actually just figured it out :D


    export DISPLAY=

    works in all cases, and exports the display to X11: every new window the linux shell tries and opens, is actually opened in X11 application.
    Of course you have to allow the xhost (either "xhost +" or, I guess, "xhost +" to allow only this linux remote host).

    I'm learning a lot of interesting stuff :D

  5. goodtime


    I'm not able to this to work. :(
  6. goodtime


    I got this to work temporarily. But after switching to a different network config, it's dead again. It says it cannot connect to the display. Tried switching back to previous settings and it still cannot connect to the display on the Apple X11.

    Also, when I did get it to work, the cursor was yellow (not colored correctly) any ideas? Is it possible to export the sound as well as the display?

    When I did get it to work it run super fast! I was very impressed with it.

    Steps when it did work

    On terminal in Apple X11: xhost +
    then in terminal on Mac OS X (aqua): ssh gtdv@linuxipaddress
    password: ******
    linux prompt: export DISPLAY=macosxipaddress:0.0
    startkde (or gimp or other X11 command)

    It did work great, but somehow I broke it. Might try to reinstall Linux and give it another go. I did have to turn off the Firewall in Linux (which was on by default! argh!)

    Let me know if you have any suggestions on exporting SOUND and getting the cursor to view correctly on the remote Apple X11 host.
  7. goodtime


    ssh +X username@remotehostip

    works as well. However no OpenGL Support. No Sound.

    Somehow export DISPLAY is malfunctioning.... :(
  8. goodtime


    SSH -Y works

    After problems with host + and export DISPLAY commands.

    I was able to get SSH -Y to work consistantly.

    From Apple's X11 xTerm:

    ssh -Y username@linuxipaddress



    Works pretty good.. And the 2D video is excellerated. I found that Apple's X11 works better under rootless mode rather than full screen (minimize can interact with the dock) I am sure there are ways to replace Xquartz Window Manager and use KDE's, but very happy just to get faster 2D Video. OpenGL games are still slow, 3-6 frames per second. But Gimp. Gnone, KDE, and Open Office run really well and it gives a great GUI that is Gooey like OS X; cursors animate and the screen effects are smooth.

    I don't know much about SSH, but I've experimented with settings and found this works well:

    From Apple X11 using Xterm:

    ssh -2XYC username@linuxipaddress

    then start the linux application

    Run rootless then minimize the Xterm session window. If you want, you can hide the Ffinder desktop by either quiting the Finder or hiding its functionality using TinkerTool. This way you can still use the Gnome or KDE Desktop. You can even use it Apple's Dock making it very seamless yet fast!


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