XP and Win7 VMs not working in Parallels 6 with Lion.

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by Victor Elkins, Jul 26, 2011.

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    I don't know if anyone else has asked this question, but I can't find these issues listed on this forum, so I'm creating this new thread. I upgraded to Lion, then upgraded to Parallels 6. So far, my Ubuntu VM and Windows Server 2K3 VMs work fine, but my XP and Windows 7 VMs will start, but you cannot view them. If I switch to full screen view, the screen rotates as if I'm going to be sent to my Windows VM, but instead I just continue to see the dock and Mac desktop background. This happens with both XP and 7, both of which were working fine under Parallels 5. I've tried everything: stopping the VM, restarting the VM, various view modes (Window, Coherence, etc), altering the VM's configuration (after stopping, of course), etc: nothing works. The odd thing is, if I switch between Mission Control "desktops" (by holding Ctrl and hitting the right or left arrow), I can see the Win 7 or XP VM appear for a split second, but then it disappears before I can click on it or do anything.

    This is extremely odd and very troubling since I need these for my business. Can anyone please help me with this? It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your time.
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    Yup me too

    Victor, you're not the only one. And this is July 2011!!! All versions are supposed to be the full release versions. Yes, as the other respondent described, there are workarounds, but I think we deserve better since developers have been cleaning this up since last fall.
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    Windows XP won't start

    After installing Lion, I am unable to get Windows XP to start in Parallels. I get the message shown in the attachment indicating some kind of hard disk configuration problem.
    I can boot to Windows XP using the option button at startup. The virtual machine appears to be running. But Windows will not start.
    I upgraded to PD 6 right after installing Lion. I have run the disk repair app on the bootcamp partition. THere appeared to be no errors.

    Today I un-installed Parallels and then re-installed it. That does not seem to help.

    I've been scanning the WEB looking for some answers but no one has any.

    Where is the customer support?

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    When you go in "Configure" from the "Virtual Machine" drop down menu and click on hardware, in the right side of that screen which devices are checked and which one is placed on top?
    They should all be checked and Hard Drive should be first.

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