XP Pro, black screen after initial logo, fix doesn't!

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by Badger, Jun 23, 2007.

  1. Badger


    Guest OS - Windows XP Pro sp2.
    I am experiencing a black screen after the initial Windows logo.
    The problem started after upgrading from Parallels 2.
    I read the FAQ and found the article in the knowledge base and tried the posted solution.
    Problem remains.
    Additionally I tried starting XP with Parallels Tools uninstalled. Still no screen.
    What should I do if the posted fix is not helping?
  2. jrmgkia


    I am having the same problem

    I have XP installed using bootcamp, Windows boots fine using Bootcamp. I just installed Parallels 3.0 build 4128 (never used 2.0) and it starts to boot in the Parallels window but after about 2 second of the Windows boot screen the window goes black and it never boots up. The CPU also goes really high and the fans kick on but it just stays with a black screen in the virtual machine window. I emailed Parallels about it tonight so I will post what I found out.
  3. alhexman


    The same situation. After Parallels boot attemps I try to boot through Boot Camp directly and get the same black screen. Safe Mode and others does not help.
  4. Badger


    It's that old fashioned non-customer support I like, not!

    Well after posting my problem to the free email cust support then here, I wish to report although support promised to address my problem within THREE business days, I have heard nothing from them.

    I reported the problem Saturday afternoon, 24 hours after my virtual machine became inoperable.

    Three business days, in my book, would be, hmmm, Monday, give 'em a break 9AM, till Wednesday at close of business. Whatever you guys of leisure think that should be.

    Today was my Birthday. But did I get a present from cust support? Nah!

    Remember, tUntiomorrow is another day you can choose to ignore a customer.

    Until they end up an ex-customer!

    Fix it!


    Thanks in advance.

  5. LandyMan


    Any response on the black screen issue yet ... I experienced it tonight after a major HDD failure

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