XP Profession x64 Edition on Core 2 Duo

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    XP Professional x64 Edition on Core 2 Duo

    Hi all,

    I've researched as much as I could but couldn't find a definitive answer. I'm currently running Parallels 8 on my mid-2012 MacBook Pro with a Core i7. I'd like to purchase an additional Parallels license and install it on my other machine, a late-2006 iMac with a Core 2 Duo. While the chip is 64-bit, the EFI is 32-bit, which is one of the reasons it was left behind when Mountain Lion came out.

    I've got Windows XP Professional x64-Edition running as a virtual machine on my MacBook and would like to use it on my iMac (when it's not running on my laptop, of course). Does Parallels support x64 on the Core 2 Duo?
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    Yes, Parallels Desktop 8 supports Windows XP x64 on Core 2 Duo. EFI bitness does not matter in this case.

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