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    I'm in a jam and i'm looking for someone who can read to help with my specific problem. Parallels support has been absolutley worthless responding 4 times to my issue with the same BAD information ... as if they did not read what i was asking. Hoping someone here can help.

    Running OS X (10.6.2) and Parallels 5, build 5.0.9310

    Unexplainably, i no longer could load the Windows XP VM and need to do a repair or reinstall. I found support in the forum that addressed my issue (kb.parallels.com/en/5138 - Repair the installation of Windows XP in Virtual Machine both ordinary and Boot Camp based).

    Seemed all well and good ... but have the following issues that are stopping me in my tracks:

    1. When I open the VM Config editor ... and clicked on the CD/DVD 1 option (there is no specifically worded 'CD/DVD-ROM' option as mentioned in 5138) there is no option to set 'Emulation". There are also no 'Options' on the left side of the configuration editor (as stated in 5138). I can however change the boot order as instructed under the 'Hardware' tab on the VM Config editor.

    2. Upon inserting the XP CD in my drive windows begins to load ... but I am stopped by another error message that reads:

    SCSI controller not installed
    Network bootrom is installed
    Trying to boot from the CD-ROM drive ... failed.
    Trying to boot from the Primary IDE drive ... failed
    A disk read error occured

    I checked the configuration ... Hard Disk 1 set to IDE 0.0, CD/DVD 1 set to IDE 0.1.

    Parallels support keeps responding to follow the instruction in 5138 ... but that is not working! Very disheartening.


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