XP Upgrade Disk is a Mistake

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  1. Hezekiah

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    I installed Parallels Desktop 3.0 on Leopard OS successfully, but the only handy copy of XP was an upgrade. I have since done some research and know using it was a mistake. I uninstalled Parallels, reinstalled it and thought I’d be starting fresh to install a full copy of XP. Instead, Parallels remembers the partial install of the upgrade and the shows a window that has the Windows logo at the top next to:

    Microsoft Windows XP
    windows XP

    configuration (with the configuration options underneath)

    When I start the virtual machine, the window flips over and shows a DOS type screen which reads:

    Parallels® VGA-Compatible BIOS Version 2.01
    Parallels ® 3.0 build 5582 (c) 2005-2007 Parallels Software International Inc.
    All rights Reserved

    640 KB Base Memory
    524288 KB Extended Memory
    Boot From Hard Drive… _

    During the original instillation this is the point that the XP upgrade wanted proof of an earlier version of Windows. Does anyone know how to proceed from here or how to fully uninstall Parallels so it doesn’t remember the first XP upgrade installation attempt?
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  2. unused_user_name

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    From the point of view of Parallels, a virtual machine is document (like a word document is to MS Word), just erase it and make a new one.

    Open Parallels Desktop, go to the "File" Menu and choose "Delete".
  3. Alicia

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    unused_user_name is right and you just have to delete the Virtual Machine file.
  4. Hezekiah

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    Thank you both for your helpful replies. Your advice is 100% and I have XP up and running on my Virtual Machine. I appreciate the help.

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