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Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by ohTina, Jul 25, 2007.

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    wow. what a train wreck. This began with a parallels tool problem that I could not get resolved, so I completely uninstalled Parallels, reinstalled, and cannot get Windows XP to complete loading. I get the blue set up with all the drivers loading shown at the bottom of the window, but installation doesn't complete. I get a blue screen of fatal error once the Windows is Starting message appears (again in the lower left corner). PLEASE advise!
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    I'm in the club! No support response either???
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    I had similar issues. My biggest issue was getting parallels installed. Luckily I use Acronis backup so I just kept restoring my C drive and retrying the install. I finally discovered it was a conflict with my Nforce3 network adapter. I switched over to the other onboard network adapter and it ran perfectly. As for the parallels tools problem, I had one that drove me nuts until I discovered it was an installshield issue. I posted a fix on here some time ago that "may" help you if in fact you are having the same issue I had. The post is at:http://forum.parallels.com/thread8228.html

    On the blue screen, post the text of the error you are getting and maybe someone can assist you with solving that. Those codes will tell you what driver or resource is causing the problem. The most important code is the first one. Example: Stop: 0x000000A

    A good resource for deciphering these messages is at:http://aumha.org/a/stop.htm

    Good luck...
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    This is what I had to do. I assume you're trying to install from the original installation disc?

    At first attempt, the Windows Configuration Page is created with the Virtual VM. From the configuration Page, go into the Configuration Editor (double-click on "Configuration").
    Go to Options > Booting tab and change the boot sequence from "Hard drive, CD-ROM, Floppy" to "CD-ROM, Hard Disk, Floppy". After the complete installation, be sure to change this back.

    Try the Windows installation again. It might work at this point. It didn't for me and for a lot of other people. It will load the drivers and when it tries to start Windows, I got a "SESSION3_INITIALIZAION_FAILED" error. Be sure to watch this because this screen appears for about only 10 seconds before it disappears.

    At this point, many have tried creating a disc image of the installation disc and installing from that. If all else fails, you may have to do that, but I didn't want to.

    I got a hint from someone elsewhere on the net, that maybe the disc needed to be cleaned, because it certainly couldn't have been bad. I had a brand new disc, but what the hey. I brushed off all dust particles (there were only a few) and made sure there were no smudge marks on both the top and bottom of the CD, and inserted it back into the drive. Maybe reseating the disc helped, but whatever the case for the sensitive drive, it was able to read this disc now, and I was able to install.
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    I'm joining the club!! I don't know why it won't work because it let me do it before, but then the slow down was so bad that I figured there was a conflict somewhere, so I actually wiped my drive, did a clean install of my MacOS, and am now desperately trying to get bloody Windows to run. I HATE THIS!! But short of buying a PC to do what I need to do, what are my options, really?

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  8. Ilana

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    Hallelujah! Houston, we have liftoff! It worked. Thank you SO MUCH. Now of course I have Windows issues because I'd already used that activation code when I first installed it and it slowed down my whole system, but that problem is easier to solve. THank you MacLawyer!


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