XP won't run .exe file from a network drive

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by pop-pop, Feb 16, 2009.

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    I'm running Parallels 2.2 on Gentoo Linux with Windows XP SP3 guest.

    My setup includes a second VFAT partition accessed as D: with native XP boot. With XP as a Parallels guest, I defined a shared folder for that VFAT partition (which is mounted as /mnt/XP_Appls) and mapped it as a network D: drive.

    Everything is OK save for applications on the D: drive won't launch from a desktop shortcut. The disk activity light flicks a time or two then nothing happens.

    As a test, I was able to start SeaMonkey from it's folder on the D: drive but it was terribly slow. At least this should prove there is not a permission missing.

    For several years I had accessed this disk via SAMBA and all worked OK. Then Samba started to crap out intermittently so I tried the shared folder route and ran into this difficulty.

    I have Googled extensively and searched the Parallels forums and have not found any hints.

    Is there some subtle permission that Windows XP needs to execute from a network drive?
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    had the same issue with starting prgs from networkshares.. BUT you have to configure your windows sharing slightly better.. For me there is still a problem with networkspeed, but wil try to activate hypervisor support an reinstall ptools as read here in the forum.. Back to topic...

    - remove all shares! - There are some things to be done first off...
    - deaktivate "Simple file sharing", listed in the options of (file)explorer
    - Create the same user on all Windows-Hosts WITH (same) password
    - Give this user full rights to the folder u want to share - U can give better permissions later..
    - Open the file-sharing for desired folder an add this user with full rights to it
    - Map the networkdrive on the "guest" and use this user with password to connect to the share, even if it is the same user actually mapping the drive(!!)
    - For testing purpose deaktivate win-firewall. All should be fine now! First then it is time to restrict the access if needed.

    IF NOT:
    Reset the firewall to its defaults and try from step1. Maybe its a good idea to do this right from start(!?) just to be shure...

  3. pop-pop

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    I fixed the problem shortly after I posted this problem last Feb but don't remember exactly what I did. Seems like I might have redefined the drives.

    Anyway, I'm weaning myself from Parallels since an update don't seem to be ever likely to happen and I did't like being stuck at a 2.6.24 kernel. I purchased Parallels primarily to run Quicken from my Gentoo Linux installation and have since found that Wine does the job adequately and is much much faster. A few other apps that I run via Wine are DeltaCad, Cutlist, and (don't laugh) calendar.exe from Winduhs 3.1.

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