Yet another v3.0 serial number (or lack of)

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by Errorinside, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. Errorinside

    Errorinside Bit poster

    Might as well try and get an answer here.
    V2 was ordered for me as a birthday present during the Xmas promo for free upgrades and downloaded from the website.

    V3 arrived with no sign of a serial for it and no response to my email from 14th June - issue number [Parallels #165795] no sign of a response to the followup email either sent on the 23rd June.

    So far all I have received is the automated - 3 day response email and another one forwarded to be advertising the fact the version 3 is available and how it's a reduced upgrade fee. I've already got a reduced upgrade fee of £0 but no serial number ...

    Is there anyone from Parallels reading that can help?

  2. Ankou

    Ankou Guest

    Hello Errorinside
    Please check you Private Messages.
  3. bmeissner

    bmeissner Member

    OK, if my Sherlock Holmes instincts are not mislead, I'd say that this...

    … and this …

    … leads to the conclusion, that you *are* able to handle international (non-US) code requests. Am I wrong?

  4. dippyskoodlez

    dippyskoodlez Member


    Doesn't necessarily mean he handed him a serial ;)

    It could very easily be a private e-mail for someone that can..

    or something. :p
  5. Errorinside

    Errorinside Bit poster

    Thanks for your help.

    As for international code requests...

    As far as I can see it:
    Yes the £ symbol gave it away that I'm non US
    I purchased (had purchased for me) Parallels 2.x direct from Parallels - downloaded from Digital River i.e. did not buy the localised boxed UK version.

    Therefore I'm an international user of the US version and as such it is Parallels that can provide me with a serial and not Avanquest or whatever they are called.

    If that makes sense...
    Anyway version 3 is now working :)

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