Bridged network disables host NIC Card

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    Hello community.
    I'm new to Parallels and I'm having issues figuring this one out.
    I have a new iMac running BigSur 11.6, the only app I installed was Parallels Desktop Pro 17.1.0, which I bought earlier this week.
    Everything works fine when I use a shared connection on the VM, but as I need to reach the same network than the host, I switched to bridged. As soon as I do this, the network card is disabled, both on host and hence, on Windows. If I switch back to shared, the host reenables de network card and everything works fine again.
    I tried a lot of possible solutions from this forum and others without any success. I try to contact support without luck (40 minutes on call waiting).
    What I am missing here?

    Thank yuo for the help in advance.
  2. Elric

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    this could be because of router configuration in your network environment. Some environments specifically forbids more then one MAC-address on port and disables the network port completely for some time if see that there are several IPs.
    Bridged workability depends on several setting that out of Parallels Desktop control.

    MOMAYI Bit Poster

    This is interesting. I will investigate. Thank you!

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