Cant connect my USB device (telescope) after PD 17.1.0 Update

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by yasara, Oct 19, 2021.

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    Here is my post on the Parallels Facebook page from today:

    "So far so good today. My setup involves a MacBook Pro 16" running the M1 Pro processor with 16 GB of RAM. Running Dragon Professional Individual within Windows 11 and using a Philips SpeechMike Premium. One hiccup this morning where it froze up, but after waiting several minutes I was able to save the Word document that I had been working in and a quick reboot of Dragon and Windows 11 and I was able to continue working (I can live with that). I did have to stop Dragon using task manager. I accept that Dragon and indeed Windows 11 are not actually approved by Nuance, at least at this stage and also using Parallels with Dragon is not approved either. Version 18 certainly seems to be no worse than version 17 for my purposes, and I have now been using it all afternoon with Microsoft Outlook, Word etc today without a single problem. Parallels is a brilliant product and all my Microsoft Office applications run beautifully on it. Amazing that I can even open PDF files within Windows, by using PDF Expert from the Mac. I have to dictate into Google Chrome as well, so Dragon Anywhere is no longer a viable solution. Parallels has been a game changer for me and I will certainly be sticking with it now. Well done guys!"
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    now had some rest to take a closer look at the system requirements:
    - macs with m-chips as well as intel
    - macos 12 (recommended), but also macos 11.6.7 and newer
    - windows 11 (recommended), but win 10 and 8 are also supported
    (the different product pages contradict each other in one or the other point, but i take the information from this site as decisive:

    AND: "Improved USB 3.0 support".

    this sounds very good! i will test it in a quiet minute ...
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    good news with pd18: #9

    (MacBook Pro 2019 Intel and a VM with Windows 10)
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    Restart Your Computer.
    Update Computer.
    Tenorshare 4DDiG.
    Change USB Root Hub Settings.
    Update USB Driver.
    Check And Change Ports.
    Change USB Selective Suspended Settings.
    Format Your Drive.

    Hope You Find This Useful,
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    Bad idea. How about you format your drive and see how that works out?
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    I wanted to report that Parallels version 18.0.1 has fixed the USB connectivity issue that I was dealing with in version 17.1.0+.
    It's great to finally be able to use the latest version of Parallels again!

    Here was the original description of my issue which has now been fixed:
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