Don’t install build 6.0.11990 or later!

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by Hans Balen, Jan 2, 2011.

  1. Hans Balen

    Hans Balen Member

    Windows is degrading. It's getting worse after each restart. At last I have got blue screens on startup.
    Updating from build 6.0.11990 to build 6.0.11992 did not solve all problems!!

    See also the problems below.

    Windows 7 do not start properly. Sometimes I have to start Windows tree to four times before it works properly!
    Programs do not start properly
    Sometimes windows 7 starts in XP look
    I get a massage from Windows to update the BIOS ???
    The gadgets on your desktop will disappear
    You will get blue screens

    I have reinstalled build 6.0.11828 and set back a backup of the image. Now it works fine again.

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  2. ShannonA

    ShannonA Member

    Same here. Sticking with the one I got.
  3. jheinen

    jheinen Bit poster

    Same for me. CentOS 5.5 and Ubuntu 10.04 (both 64-Bit) cannot be used with 6.0.11990 or higher. I had to downgrade and restore the virtual machines from backup. Behaviour is reproducible.
  4. lnemo

    lnemo Hunter

    +1 for me (XP SP 3)
  5. Schr

    Schr Junior Member

    Reverting back to 6.0.11822

    I'm about to roll back to 11822. This is my primary work system, and I can't work with this type of instability. Does Parallels have a QA department? If so, how did they miss this?
  6. Hans Balen

    Hans Balen Member

    I do not know. I don't understand that there is no response from Parallels on this problem.

    I have reported this problem twice. But no response so far.
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  7. simonma

    simonma Junior Member

    I am another victim of using 11992 ...

    With a fresh install of 10.6.6 with 11992 (not upgrade), my backup of Win7 64bit VM created under 11828 was starting to have disk problem (need to chkdsk everytime during bootup) in 3 hours. What i did was just letting it to finish tens of Windows update ... The only software in the VM was the Parallels Tools and Microsoft Security Essentials 2.0 ...

    Fallback everything to 11828, I restored my VM again and is fine for 3 days ... using the same set of software.

    BTW, I am not using bootcamp, VM not migrate from VMware or whatsoever. It was just created under 11828. No Antivirus is installed in OSX yet ... All software here are legitimate, I don't use illegal software, no matter under Mac or Windows.

    11990 was a disaster, 11992 was NO better ...

    It's a shame Parallels failed to identify the root cause for more than a month since 11990 ... which should be recalled.
  8. JeffreyJ

    JeffreyJ Bit poster

    Slow Performance & Freezes with Build 11992

    After installing Build 11992, my Windows 7 Professional 64-bit system boots slowly. Normal boot time for this VM is very fast. My Windows XP Pro 32-bit systems will not boot at all. After the initial Windows XP logo, the boot process hangs with a blank screen the color of my desktop background. No icons or anything. No amount of waiting results in a usable system. Stopped and repeatedly attempted to reboot with no luck.

    I reinstalled Build 11828, and then I restored all of my VM images from backup. I'm back up and running.

    Build 11992 has some serious quality issues. I had some initial issues when I first upgraded from P5 to P6. However, I would expect these types of stability issues in a later build of a major version.

    It makes it hard for me to rely on these systems for getting serious work done. I was hoping Parallels with multiple VM systems on my Mac Pro would help reduce all the hardware clutter in my office with multiple computers and KVM switches. With these types of stability issues, I'm not going to be able to avoid having dedicated PCs in my office for Windows development work.
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  10. RishiD

    RishiD Bit poster

    same here!! i have been 24h installing windows to find out what was going wrong thanks i found this post!!! i was stariting to think yo buy a PC, but thats a very hard decision
  11. YoussefS

    YoussefS Bit poster

    Where are the download links of legacy versions (previous builds) ?

    Hello Everybody,

    Since few days my MacBook Pro (Core i7 2,66 Ghz) freeze and I have multiples Kernel Panics a day.
    It correspond to the date I upgraded Parallels (to Build 11992) and I suspect the LaunchAgents/LaunchDaemons of Parallels to be responsible of these Kernel Panics.

    I would like to test reverting to a previous version to see if Freezes still occurs.
    So my question is:
    How to revert back to previous build ?
    ie: Where are the download links of legacy versions (previous build) ?

    Thanks in advance.

    --- Bonus :) ---
    Another question if someone know:
    Is it safe to delete the LaunchAgents/LaunchDaemons of Parallels ?
    What is the meaning of the log messages above ?
  12. Schr

    Schr Junior Member

    Old downloads

    I was only able to locate old builds of Parallels in two places:

    1. Find your original Parallels 6 activation email. There should be a link to a page where you can sign in and download the product. That link, for me, pointed to 6.0.11822.

    2. I realized, however, that my Mac Downloads folder still had the 6.0.11828 disk image file. That's the version I ended up installing.

    Good luck!
  13. Schr

    Schr Junior Member

    Parallels support is a joke!

    Like many of you, I have had a support ticket open with Parallels support for several days. I informed the support agent in a subsequent post that reverting to 6.0.11828 seemed to restore stability to my system.

    You won't believe this: The rep wrote back and asked if he could set the issue to resolved!


    I told him that the only way I would consider this resolved is if they release a new version of 6 that doesn't crash my system.
  14. Bryan12

    Bryan12 Bit poster


    I also had to roll back to 6.0.11828. No issues or problems since then and my Bootcamp VM is functional once more. If your having issues, I would recommend doing the same.
  15. YoussefS

    YoussefS Bit poster

    I tried the email link but it doesn't work anymore (work only 30 days after purchase).
    Luckily, I have save the package 6.0.11828 (French) received on purchase.

    But I will not be able to test the build 6.0.11990 (Last one before my Freezes).
    It's not a matter as this build seems also be problematic for many.
    It could have been worse if ten builds was separating the purchase download and the actual download.

    Now I will save every versions of Parallels installer ...
    It is really sad that the legacy versions cannot be downloaded.

    PS: Sorry for my English, I do my best.
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  16. SarahF

    SarahF Bit poster

    Did I do this right? I just double-clicked on the old version in my downloads folder and installed it .. but still it has the same problem as the upgrade, namely that it just keeps re-installing parallels tools and rebooting, over and over. Anybody got a solution for that?
  17. Hans Balen

    Hans Balen Member

    You must also set back the image of the virtual machine. Build 11990 and 11992 has damaged my virtual machine.
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  18. pmbooks1

    pmbooks1 Member

    I too am unable to use the 11992 build.

    I have the 11990, but would like to locate the 11828 build. The latest update overwrote my earlier dmg, alas.

    Any links to that earlier build?
  19. Schr

    Schr Junior Member

    As I mentioned in an earlier post, one place to look is the link in your original Parallels 6 activation email. It should have instructions to download Parallels 6. That link, for me, pointed to version 6.0.11822. Not sure if it will be the same for you or not.
  20. pmbooks1

    pmbooks1 Member

    It points to the current build for me, although dated mid Dec.

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