Drawing support via apple pencil, wacom tablet, or touch.

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    One of the greatest potentials for being able to remotely access a desktop computer with an iPad Pro, for example, is being able to have access programs like Photoshop instead of the restricted iOS Photoshop variants which aren't full featured. You can do that now in Parallels, but you can't draw. If you could draw using your finger, or better yet, the Apple Pencil, which has lots of additional information, like tilt, and pressure, you would basically be giving anyone with a device that supports pressure sensitive drawing capabilities, (like iPad Pro, any Samsung Note or other android with a smart stylus, or Wacom Tablet input), the ability to have a Wacom Cintiq style of capability with their existing devices. Granted, this would require Parallels to transmit the additional data from the stylus to the remote computer, but would open up a whole world of capabilities, which no one else is providing.
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    Implemented in Parallels Desktop 15 for Mac with iPad and Apple Pencil via macOS Catalina Sidecar feature.

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