How reliable is Parallels for daily work on a M1 Mac? Considering getting rid of my Windows laptop f

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    Hi there,
    I currently have a Macbook for my private use, and a Windows laptop that I use for work, because my employer requires me to have a computer with:
    1 - Windows Professional or Enterprise (support of Bitlocker and joining Workplace MDM)
    2- Support for TPM 1.2+
    For now I've been using a Lenovo laptop that I had around home. It is quite decent and a pleasure to use, but I hate having two laptops, traveling with two laptops, keeping two laptop batteries charged, etc.

    Now, I'm planning to switch my current Macbook (which is not very fast when virtualizing Windows), for a M1X pro as soon as they come out (rumored for some time in October, we will see if that's true).

    I was thinking that, since Windows 11 can emulate x86 and x64 apps quite decently, there will be an ARM Pro version, and TPM is spoofed by Parallels, everything is lining up for me to work on Windows 11 under Parallels, and finally get rid of my second laptop.

    My question is, how realistic is this plan? How risky is it? Can it happen that Microsoft launches an update that breaks my virtual machine? Has it ever happened that something released by Microsoft completely breaks Parallels temporarily?

    Regarding the software I would use, I work mostly in the cloud, so basically Chrome/Edge/Firefox, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Microsoft Office, Notepad++, and not much more. Nothing crazy. There's only one app developed by my company that I guess I would need to try myself.

    Please let me know what you think.
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