Improve display drivers/scaling for windows 10-x64 clients

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    Here are 2 screenshots of the very same virtual machine running Windows 10 64 bits, running the very same software editing the very same report. The application is Myvisualdatabase with embedded Fastreport. I have killed my eyes for several hours on Parallel Desktop 16.1.2 not being able to get a proper display of the dropdown menus we can see in the middle of the screen as well as the one at the top left corner below "page1". No matter the resolution or the window mode, I could never see what was written in the dropdown which is very difficult to work with.
    Another issue is that whatever we do in the control panel to remove the custom scale setting, it comes back automatically just to kill our eyes with tiny fonts on a massive screen etc... Please, remove this setting enforcement.

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    Hi Thierry,

    The application doesn't respect Windows DPI settings and will behave the same way on HiDPI displays on Windows PCs.

    My suggestion for you is to set another resolution options: e.g. View > Retina resolution > Scaled. The picture in Windows will be of the same bad quality as in VMware, but at least all the controls will work as you expect them to.

    Another thing to try is to find the Fastreport executable in Windows, and tune DPI compatibility settings. This seems to be a good article describing it:
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    Thanks Alev, the scaled retina resolution did the trick. The quality is not that bad actually, when working on small screen like a laptop or in window mode on a larger one, the full retina resolution ported by the hypervisor just kills my eyes, the fonts are way too small in Windows.

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