Install new Windows 11 over old Windows 10 on Mac M1

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by EtienneT, Nov 18, 2021.

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    I have a MacAir M1 where I installed the new Windows 11 yesterday. I initially installed it using the Windows Update installer function. It installed but none of the software would work. I then followed these instructions ( here and re-downloaded it on the Mac OX side then used the VDHX file via the Parallels installer. I guess when I did that it created a new instance with Windows 11 and none of my Windows programs were included. They were all in the old instance. Luckily, after running the second setup, the 1st instance with all my programs now works and I just trashed the second install.
    I also have a Mac Mini M1 where I used the install file I downloaded on my Mac Air. Again it installed a completely new instance of Windows 11 instead of updating the old one. The challenge is my internet is extremely slow at home (3-4mps) vs fiber in town.

    How can we get the Parallel install to update old vs creating a new one? I now have over 15 gigs of program that I would have to download to install in new instance. The download would take weeks.

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